Kiki Morton Photography

As a young teen exploring her grandparents’ dusty attic, Kiki stumbled upon her grandfather’s old darkroom equipment. Artists themselves, her grandparents were thrilled to give her a tutorial and send the equipment home with her. Kiki immediately began a journey of experimentation and exploration, creating within her a lifelong love for the medium.

Over time, Kiki honed her skills and soon found her calling in portrait photography. Creating portraits is a way of freezing time for families, which is a gift she feels privileged to give. Additionally, Kiki partners with local companies to create beautiful, dynamic imagery that instantly elevates the brand’s aesthetic.

In all this, Kiki still finds time to take hikes or walks on the Nashville city streets, photographing whatever catches her eye.

A rare Tennessee native, Kiki lives in Nashville with her favorite photography subjects: her husband and their two sons.